About Us

Hello! We are Galactic PW! This is a family run server which we created for fun after countless looking for a good english server. Below are some of the server functions we have implemented. Our passion was to make a server what we would enjoy, what then turned into a server that everyone else enjoys. We invite you all to come and enjoy the happy and polite player community we have built, we hope to see you in game.
Thank you

-GPW Staff

  • Primal -
  • Vitae - x2
  • Primordial Blood - 3x
  • Barbaric Blood - 2x

  • Morai -
  • 4x Influence
  • 4x Prestige
  • Faction Base -
  • 3x Chivalry Points
  • 5x Loyalty Funds
  • 5x Loyalty Points

  • Instances
  • TT | XX - 3x Drops
  • RoR: - x2 Normal, x3 Deep
  • QSM (Level 50 +) - 3x Drops

  • Customised Frostcovered City, customised boss drops to drop 'Frost crystals' You farm them to craft your 85 gear and wep!
  • Some events have been reworked - we've made the Archosaur invasion event drop exp packs!
  • Removed pay to win! Event gold is farmable by doing all dailies and tabs - World quest max chapters is only 30!
  • G17 Is removed completely and R9 Recast 4 Gear | Rings | Neck | Belt
  • Endgame: R9R3 | G16 | R9R4 WEP
  • A Cards only maxed
  • All flyers are same speed 6 speed normal and 7 speed fast, all mounts are 14 speed